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Create Survey with Bilpp, Collect Responses, Analyse. That's all there is to it!

Bilpp: Create and Analyse Your Surveys Easily! Bilpp is a powerful tool that helps you quickly and easily create your surveys, collect responses and analyse the results. Designed to meet the needs of your business or organisation, Bilpp simplifies your survey process and allows you to gain valuable insights.

How it works?

Survey Creation:

Bilpp allows you to quickly create your surveys thanks to its user-friendly interface. You can choose from predefined question templates or add fully customised questions. You can also design your survey the way you want by using different question types such as options and text fields.

Inviting Participants:

After creating your survey, you can use various methods provided by Bilpp to invite participants. You can reach your target audience by sending customisable invitation emails or creating a unique link where you can share the survey. You can also reach more people by integrating your survey into your website or sharing it on social media platforms.

Data Collection:

As your participants start filling out the survey, Bilpp collects and stores data instantly. Each response is automatically saved and you can update your survey at any time. With flexible reporting tools, you can instantly access instant results and use graphs and statistics to better understand the data.

Analysing Results:

Bilpp offers advanced analysis features to turn survey results into meaningful insights. You can gain deeper insights by presenting your data in visual graphs, tables and reports. In this way, you can make powerful analyses, follow trends and base your decisions on information.

With Bilpp, creating your surveys, collecting responses and analysing results has never been easier. Sign up for Bilpp now and take steps to gain valuable insights from your surveys!


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