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BilppGo Marketing Options
Active Marketing

Get more income from your store with real-time, omnichannel analytics

Journey Marketing

Closely follow your customers' journey on your website

Email Marketing

Enhance your interaction with customers with the power of e-mail

SMS Marketing

Try out new sales channels, such as SMS

Bilpp Go AI
Our outstanding features
AI Marketing

AI Based Marketing

AI marketing is a technology used to data collection, analyze data, and make automated decisions that can improve marketing results.
How can I marketing funnel?

Analyze and optimize your funnel for conversion

Get recommendations for your segmentation and A/B testing on your Funnel.
Bilpp Go Solutions

Focusing on solutions together

Boost your understanding of customers with our solutions tailored to your industry.

  • Email your customers to remind them about the items in their carts.

  • Let your customers know you miss them.

  • Discover your customers' interests and send personalized emails.

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Connect your website to BilppGO in a matter of seconds and start understanding your customers better.

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Using touch, connect your website to BilppGO right away.


You're all set! Now, you can use all our features to understand your customers better.


Using the Contacts gathered from your touch poınts, collect your customers' activity data and analyze it in detail.

Touch Points:
Bilpp Go Contact List
Marketing Audience


Reduce your website bounce rates and achieve successful results by learning more about your audience and making tailored suggestions for your target audience.

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Tag Management

Detect whether your choices affect user behavior in the ways you intended to by analyzing your marketing conversions.

Tag Manager
Omnichannel Marketing with BilppGp

Beyond Omnichannel

Take advantage of different marketing channels with BilppGO and expand your connections with customers.

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Make your forms more effective with rules

Utilize customized forms for your customers and learn more about your customers to increase your sales and your website's appeal.

Display your forms in your preferred browser
Tailor your forms to specific platforms like tablets, smartphones, desktops, TVs
Choose which operation system your form will appear on
Special Offers
Add your forms to your desired special offers


Analyze your marketing performance.
Multichannel Marketing

Analyze your touch points.

E-Commerce Marketing

For more successful sales.

How can I use marketing forms?

Receive feedback.

Marketing contacts

Learn more about your customers.

Marketing Audience

Build for your target audience.

Marketing Tag Triggers

Track and manage your tags.

Bilpp Go Integration
Enjoy BilppGO by integrating it with the apps you use to collect and analyze your data.

Smooth integration with Bilpp


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